Churchbridge Daycare Cooperative

  Established February 2006

All full time staff have either their Early Childhood Educator level 1, 2 or 3
All full time staff go to conferences/workshops on a regularly to stay current.
90% staff have their First aid and CPR course
All staff must provide a criminal record check.


We currently have 24 staff

Erica Brick- Directo, ECE level 3
Erin Nichols-Assistant Director and Inclusion Coordinator, 4 year old Preschool Room leader- ECE level 3 
Lindee Yaremovich- Opener 5:15-9:30 am 
Richelle Lambie- Infant Room leader, ECE level 2
Kristine Morrison- Infant Room Teacher (Currently Enrolled for ECE I)
Marissa Porter- Toddler Room Teacher- ECE level 1 (Currently enrolled for ECE 2) (Maternity leave)
Terissa Prince- Toddler Room Leader- ECE level 2 (Maternity leave position) 
Tamara Bartley- 3 Year old Preschool Room leader, ECE level 1
Amanda Jones- Kinder/School-age Teacher (Currently enrolled for ECE 1)
Brandi Urzada- Nutritionist/Cook 
Wanda Tzupa- Cook Helper 
Deb Revet- Floater, ECE level 1
Samantha Melnyk- Closer- ECE level 2
Madison Kaeding- Casual 
Jordan Laboucane- Casual
Tori Sauser- Casual
Mercedes Schick- Casual
Breanne Brenner- Casual
Amy Yanke- Casual
Shelby Schmidt- Casual
Melissa Sherstabitoff - Casual
Mylene Reetz- Casual
Ivy Johnston- Casual 
Braida LaNoual- Casual